Our People

Our Business Professionals.

Irene Wyld, Principal and Director

img_1671Irene has held senior executive positions and has a proven record in strategic planning, corporate development, marketing and communications, risk management and business development and investment management across diverse and constantly changing market and industry sectors.  She has applied these skills on many consultancies for Universities, Federal and State Governments and private industry.

Throughout her career Irene has demonstrated an innate ability to identify opportunities (product or service related) and then strategically position companies to market them within the public and private sectors – both nationally and internationally. She is respected by industry peers and clients for her ability to develop and sustain relationships with multiple stakeholders who often have different agendas. Irene is able to build value propositions that facilitate shared outcomes, while delivering value to meet the identified needs of individuals.

Irene has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science as well as a postgraduate Masters in Business Administration.

Dr Bruce Godfrey FTSE, Principal and Director           

bruce-godfrey bigBruce’s career has been built in business, innovation investment, Government and technology development fields. His current role is as CEO of Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd, an Australian National University-owned scientific instruments manufacturing and exporting company.

He has focused on the advancement and commercialisation of technologies (particularly new energy technologies ranging from solar to fuel cells to low emission coal utilisation), investment readiness of products and companies and innovation policy and programs. He is ‘translator’ between science, engineering and technology and market opportunities and realities – and vice versa, with a skill and experience set that enables him to guide others seeking to understand and resolve the people, policy, market, financing, commercialisation and technical challenges and risks involved in such translation.

Bruce has strong governance experience acquired from a broad range of executive and non-executive Board and Committee roles, including audit and risk management. He has served on a number of AusIndustry and other government agency innovation funding and advisory committees, including most recently as Chair of ARENA’s Advisory Panel until mid-2014. He currently is a Member of AusIndustry’s R&D Tax Incentive Committee.

A Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE), he is a Member of ATSE’s Board of Directors, Chair of ATSE’s Energy Forum and a Member of ATSE’s Audit & Risk Committee.

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