What we do.

With careers built in business, investment, law, government and research fields, the principals and consultants of Wyld Group have direct experience in the services it offers. We don’t, however, rely solely on our own expertise. We believe a key strength is our ability to draw upon our network of skilled and trusted professionals to deliver outcomes that add measurable value to our clients.   We ensure that our clients’ needs are met by a team that has been hand-picked, based on relevant expertise and experience, to deliver outcomes specific to the requirements of any consulting assignment that we are contracted to perform.

Wyld Group offers a range of services covering:

     Business strategy & planning (the people and the business story) and implementation

     Market intelligence, positioning, planning and implementation

     Risk Profiling (identification, evaluation and management)

     Management of investment in research and innovation (encompassing program development, delivery and review)

     Due diligence (technical and business)

     CEO, Board and secretariat roles on a short or longer-term basis as required

     Workshop facilitation

Our extended network enables us to expand our services into areas such as:

     Economic and financial analysis, statistics and information management

     Public relations, communications and knowledge management

Examples of the multiple consulting assignments completed successfully, on time and on (or below) budget are available for review on request – and, of course, are provided as part of our response to any request for tender.

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